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Song Jiang, male, born in February 1977, Chinese nationality, bachelor degree.

2003.07, graduated from Jiangxi Medical College majoring in biopharmaceuticals and obtained a bachelor degree;
2009.12-2016.10 General Manager of Jiangxi Dongxu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.;
2016.11-to present Chairman of Jiangxi Runquankang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Engaged in pharmaceutical industry marketing for 10+ years, mainly engaged in the sale of saccharin sodium, chloramphenicol, ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, thiamphenicol, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin lactate, lincomycin, oxytetracycline, Qiangli, azithromycin, etc. The product is good at developing the international market, especially in related products such as heparin sodium raw materials.

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Zou Haiping

Senior Engineer, PhD
General Manager of Jiangxi Runquankang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Graduated from Nanchang University with a bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical engineering, and has been engaged in production and management for 10+ years.

Candidate for Jiangxi Province's Ten Thousand Thousand Talents Project, senior engineer, PhD from South China University of Technology, representative of the Fourth and Fifth People's Congress of Ganzhou City. Mainly engaged in the research and development and application of powder materials. He has more than ten years of rich experience in enterprise production management. He is good at applying for scientific and technological capital projects, intellectual property rights, honors and other projects. Presided over and participated in several enterprise technological transformation projects, won the third prize of Ganzhou Science and Technology Progress Award, authorized 10+ invention patents, and 50+ utility model patents.

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Nan Chujun

Licensed pharmacist, graduated from China Pharmaceutical University.
Technical Director of Jiangxi Runquankang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Engaged in technical work in the pharmaceutical industry for 10+ years.

Engaged in production management, analysis and testing, and quality control in the pharmaceutical industry for 10+ years, with rich front-line work experience. Developed two new products, candy and plant beverage. Good at routine physical and chemical testing, sterility testing, liquid chromatography instrument analysis, quantitative and purity analysis, and electrophoretic purity analysis. Completely master the core technology of heparin sodium production, and strictly control the production and quality of the products.

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